Quality policy of Çelik Granül Sanayii A.Ş.: To provide products and services at universal quality and standards, by ensuring the satisfaction of its customers, together with its employees. To achieve this goal, our core values ​​are:

• Reliability
Our relations with our employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers are transparent and based on mutual trust. Especially, under harsh conditions, acting honestly, fairly and truthfully is the most fundamental element of our high reputation and value judgments of our company, and we have never and will not behave in any way that would undermine the trust of people and organizations with whom we do business in the past or in the future.

• Customer Orientation
Our priorities are determined by the priorities of our customers, which we perceive as our partners. Meeting our customers' expectations and needs and evaluating and concluding their complaints as soon as possible is our first priority because we see them as our partners and therefore we perceive the current expectations and needs as our own priority and need. Along with the reliability of our products and services, the “customer satisfaction first” approach of our employees will guarantee the “No problem with Çelik Granule”.

• Qualified and Trained Staff and Team Work
We believed that it is essential to provide continuous training to all our employees in order to provide better service to our customers, to maximize employee satisfaction, to keep up with changing world conditions and developing technology, and we have adopted the principle of teamwork to create a dynamic, satisfying, creative and harmonious working atmosphere. In order to achieve this, we encourage cooperation among all organizational units, as well as implement measures to ensure that these methods are included in our systematic. In all our activities, we ensure that our employees participate within their subjects.

• Continuous Improvement and Self-Renewal Power
We believed that believing that our leading position in the products and services we provide at world standards would be the best we can do would be contrary to the understanding of continuous improvement. The main reason for this is the fact that “leadership position” is only a current form of evaluation and does not constitute a guarantee for the future and it can change negatively at any time with changing conditions. We can make a difference against our competitors only by doing our job better than others and by exceeding customer expectations. For this purpose, we have adopted the principle of complying with the conditions of the quality management system, constantly improving its effectiveness and renewing ourselves according to new conditions in order to go one step further than the quality we have caught. In this direction, we make our changes without delay, with the plans we have created with all our employees.

• Risk Based Thinking
Activities are planned and implemented to identify risks and opportunities to achieve an effective Quality Management System in our company. Thus, it is aimed to access the improvement results and prevent negative effects.

• Environmental awareness
We consider environmental protection as both a national and international issue. For this reason, leaving the nature we inherited from the past to our children and the future of our homeland in a cleaner and livable state is an integral part of our understanding of quality.